Bobs Transport Minivans For the Disabilities

Bobs Transport

Bobs Transport is a company that specializes in wheelchair conversions. They offer the conversion parts necessary to convert your wheelchair to an electric wheelchair, or vice versa. There are many models of the “Budget” model Bobs Transitional Convertible Caravan wheelchair accessible vans. You can purchase these vans from several locations around the country.

The Secret Of Bobs Transport Minivans For The Disabilities

The Bags for a Wheelchair Van are specifically designed to be very easy to put together and install, and are recommended by Bobs for people with mobility issues, or who want to spend as little money as possible on the conversion. You simply place one side of the bag over the wheelchair, and the other side of the bag over the car. Then you strap the sides together with strong straps. And then you attach the bottom of the car to the bottom of the bag. Now your mobility vehicle is a very comfortable and convenient car to drive!

Another wonderful feature of Bobs Transport is that they will accommodate most major makes and brands of mobility vehicles, and most people are able to drive their own cars with a handicap accessible handicapped parking space. Bobs Transport offers wheelchair lifts for most of their vans, or you can also have a custom handicapped accessible van created. If you have an old minivan, Bobs Transport can also convert it to be a handicapped accessible minivan. You can select any number of wheelchair conversions from a selection of different styles, and the conversion is always custom fit for your particular vehicle.