Ancient Tantra Practice

The soul is the first plane of existence beyond time and matter, the place between heaven and earth where souls come to visit, meet and explore the other worlds that are waiting for their arrival. Tantra practitioner training focuses on opening this gate so that the spirit can come and explore this realm of existence. It helps to build the cience or inner consciousness that will allow the spiritual traveler to go ahead and journey to the higher planes where he or she will meet the demigods who can help in the initiation of spiritual journeys. Click here –

Tantra Practitioner Training

In the ancient tantra practice, the student is taken through several phases that purify and prepare him or her mentally, emotionally and physically before moving on to the next level of learning. One of these stages is tantra practitioner training. The primary goal of this stage is to learn the basic tantra techniques like the inhalation and exhalation, breathing exercises and meditation. Once, the student masters these basic tantra skills, he or she is taken on to the next level and taught the more advanced tantra yoga techniques like Chakra system and energy meditation. With every advanced level of the tantra practice, new and additional techniques and rituals are adding to hone the mind, body and soul.

One of the most important aspects of this ancient tantra practice is the chakra system. The chakra system has been considered by many tantra teachers as the most important aspect of tantra training. Tantra practitioner training will focus on activating the first three chakras so that they can work on restoring and improving the overall health of the human body.

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