Immigration Consultancy Australia Offers A Wide Range Of Services

Immigration Consultancy Australia is a dynamic, global law firm that assists clients around the globe set up exciting and new businesses in the United States, Canada and secure the required visas to move into America to operate and run those businesses. We have helped thousands of families come to the United States, including the United Kingdom, Turkey, Portugal and Italy. Our team works internationally to offer the right local support to our many clients across the globe. If you are in the United States or are thinking about moving to the United States we would love to assist you with any and all of your visa needs. Immigration Consultancy Australia offers everything you need and much more – read more

How to Find A Immigration Consultancy Australia Offers A Wide Range Of Services

Immigration Consultancy Australia


Immigration Consultancy Australia has two main branches based in Melbourne and Brisbane, so if you are a resident of one of these two states and are in need of an immigration consultant we can help you out. If you are from a little Collins area we can assist you with a quick and easy phone call. The majority of our clients are Australian, but we do assist clients from European countries as well. Either way we will work closely with you to make sure your goals are met and you achieve your goals. Our contact person is our Managing Director, Mr. Robert Davies, who manages all our branches worldwide.

Mr. Robert Davies is our Managing Director and he oversees all the departments within the firm, our staff and even our freelance and independent contractors working in different countries around the world such as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, US, Egypt, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Peru, Philippines, Malaysia, China, Japan, Russia and Vietnam. If you are from a little country, then we will assist you with our phone number, or you can send us an email to our primary address listed below, or you can go through our website listed below for further instructions and assistance. If you need any further information regarding our services then please feel free to contact us via phone, e-mail or our main website listed below. Immigration Consultancy Australia is here to assist you with all the requirements you may encounter when entering the country either for permanent or non-permanent purposes.