The Closure of the Killara Child Care Centre

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Here Is What You Should Do For Your The Closure Of The Killara Child Care Centre

The closure of the Killara child care centre comes as a shock to many parents in the area. This not-for-profit centre has been serving the Wallan community for 30 years. It operated on a lease site from the Mitchell Shire Council, which also runs the kindergarten in Wallan. This closure has prompted the Mitchell Shire Council to hold a community meeting to discuss the future of the service. However, many parents are not aware that the childcare centre is closing and will be unable to find alternative care for their children.

The closure of the childcare centre has caused a rift in the community. It is a great loss for the community of Wallan. It was a hub for learning for many local parents and their children. Unfortunately, the school has no other options, which has forced the locals to turn to the kindergarten. Although the community meeting was held in an effort to reassure parents, the council has no concrete plans to replace the centre.